Everything You Need To Know About Bulldogs

Written on:October 20, 2014
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Bulldog wallpaper 01Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds, and they are well respected and rarely overlooked when people are looking for pets. Though less knowledgeable dog owners might think this is an aggressive breed and not suitable for families with children, that’s rarely the case these days as these dogs are typically well-trained and the aggression they can display can be toned down to a minimum with proper care and training.

The “Bulldog” can refer to as either English Bulldog or Olde English Bulldog, but usually not the smaller French Bulldog Terrier or the American Bulldog. The Bulldog is easily distinguishable from other “bully breeds” because of the short nose which has a skin rope that runs across the bridge, in some cases there is an obvious under bite (Olde English Bull Dogs), muscular body with short squat legs that turn in just a bit. The head is wide and the jaws are large. The face appears to be somewhat wrinkled because of the extra folds of skin that hang from the sides.

The Bulldog has a coat of short hair that is sleek and smooth. The color range is usually from all white to fawn and white, red and white or brown and white. This breed is the mascot of the United States Marine Corp, Yale University and was a mascot for a WWII Royal Navy Ship.

Temperament and Personality

Bulldog wallpaper 05This breed is good with children because of their easy pack mentality. While they can be a bit “bull headed” when it comes to training they are very trainable. They love to be a part of a pack so human interaction is very valued by the breed. They are not very high energy dogs. They prefer to hang out in the living room with the family then to run around after the ball in the yard.

They like to take walks with their human companions but do not like to be out in the heat or the cold for very long. They get along well with other animals because the aggression has been bred out of them over the years. Of course each dog displays their own unique personality and introductions to other family pets should be made to insure that there is a proper fit of family members and pets.

Care and Living Arrangements

Bulldog wallpaper 08Bulldogs do not need a big yard to roam around. They do not like to roam around, they like to take walks with their humans. They have trouble dealing with both the heat and the cold so leaving them in the yard is not the best option for these dogs. All of this makes them excellent apartment dwellers.

While they are considered medium sized dogs and can weigh in at 50 lbs as adults they are very slow moving sedentary types of dogs that are not interested in jumping around nor running around. They do require regular grooming but thanks to their short flat coat grooming can be a good brushing and being wiped down with a wash cloth.

Health Issues

Bulldogs are wonderful pets but do come with a potential host of health threats many of which are genetic. They can develop tumors between their toes, fungus on their skin, cherry (tumor) eye, breathing issues, hip Dysplasia and other health issues. Their life expectancy is between 7-9 years but new breeding restrictions that are being implemented around the world by various kennel clubs will potentially improve the overall health of this wonderful breed!

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