WordWhizzle Cheetah Answers

WordWhizzle Cheetah category contains 30 levels. If any of the word puzzles in Word Whizzle Cheetah category are too difficult you can look up answers below!

WordWhizzle Cheetah Answers & Solutions:

Version 1.0.7

Level 741: Internet Lingo : Lol Dunno Lemme Hacker Dba
Level 742: Old-School Video Games : Qbert Zelda Pacman Tetris
Level 743: Round : Orbit Oval Wheel Circle Cycle
Level 744: Astrology : Ruler Chart Libra Forecast
Level 745: Valentine’s Day : Chocolate Flowers Cupid Love
Level 746: Cleaning : Mop Brush Dusting Polish
Level 747: At School : Teacher Worksheet Pupil Bell
Level 748: More Than One “E” : Every Eject Easterly Fever
Level 749: In The Woodshop : Saw Chisel Dust Drill Carving
Level 750: Humor : Punchline Funny Witty Droll
Level 751: Size Adjectives : Huge Short Wide Great Giant
Level 752: Last Names : Johnson Carter Smith Jones
Level 753: Albert Einstein : Space Smart Relativity Brain
Level 754: Spiders : Arachnid Bite Web Venom Hairy
Level 755: Pizza : Cheese Sauce Pie Pepperoni
Level 756: On Your Face : Smile Nose Beard Eyebrow
Level 757: Friends And Family Nouns : Grandma Pal Buddy Daughter
Level 758: In A Bird’s Nest : Shell Wings Egg Feather Chick
Level 759: Contains “Ot” : Idiot Notch Booty Barefoot
Level 760: The Police : Cuffs Law Siren Gun Badge
Level 761: Royalty : Emperor Tsar Crown Queen Earl
Level 762: Verbs Ending In “E” : Scare Place Articulate Ate
Level 763: On The Car Radio : Clock Tune Adele Dial Sirius
Level 764: Beer : Lager Hops Stout Yeast Stein
Level 765: For The Birds : Flock Flying Perch Roost Seed
Level 766: Cycling : Schwinn Pedal Armstrong
Level 767: The Film Industry : Rating Hollywood Extra Actor
Level 768: At The Casino : Bet Chips Baccarat Dealer
Level 769: Luxury Brands : Prada Dior Gucci Versace
Level 770: Messy Foods : Spaghetti Wings Ribs Tacos

Old Version

741. Dwellings: cabin suite condo Tudor motel
742. Bears: brown ursus polar claws growl
743. Music Terms: canon carol march scale yodel
744. Basketball: block score guard three coach
745. Hiking: trail grade boots quiet woods
746. Palindromes: civic radar refer sexes rotor
747. Photography: frame Kodak speed color matte
748. Things You May Want More Of: money sleep hours power kudos
749. On Your Desk: photo sheet phone dates hands
750. A Couple Of: shoes twins lungs wings socks
751. Alaska: moose snowy bears anchorage
752. Things You Adjust in the Car: radio seats speed light wheel
753. Math Academy: logic digit ratio angle point
754. Our Moon: phase lunar tides orbit alien
755. Volcanoes: magma crust cloud fumes erupt
756. Jewelry: tiara charm clasp medal shiny
757. When in Rome: Italy myths ruins Tiber pasta
758. It’s Tropical: palms drink aloha beach Samoa
759. With Your Eyes Closed: sleep blink dream think dance
760. Hockey: stick arena rival goals icing
761. Fire: smoke light flame arson ember
762. Blue: azure ocean jeans royal smurf
763. Happy Hour: drink shots vodka stool round
764. At the End of a Sentence: pause colon space nouns marks
765. Sparkle: shine gleam flash glint glitz
766. With an Edge: knife blade cliff sword river
767. Celebrate: party toast honor exalt revel
768. Lots of Vowels: eerie audio aioli queue adieu
769. Water: brook canal drink inlet moist
770. In a Bank: Vault bills alarm money combo steel

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