Three Ways to Prevent Tinnitus Naturally

Written on:July 26, 2014
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Stop tinnitusMost people suffering from tinnitus suffer alone. Because almost all cases of tinnitus are subjective (they are the only ones who experience it), most people do not try to seek out remedies. Instead, they try to wait out tinnitus and think it will go away on its own. While this course of action has varied success, there are very real things you can be doing to reduce your tinnitus.

The truth is, nearly 12 million people suffer from this condition every year. With tinnitus being severe enough to effect work and personal life, knowing how to treat tinnitus can make the difference between being functional and not being able to work. Below is a list of natural remedies broken down into the three big causes of tinnitus. These tips below are the first steps you should take if you intend to get rid of tinnitus, and with any luck they will be enough to make sure it goes away.

1. Increasing Blood Flow

A common cause of both objective and subjective tinnitus results from problems with blood flow in the ears. Caused by a change of blood flow, any smaller or greater amount of blood pressure around the ears can result in both you hearing a noise, and even other people being able to hear the noise coming from your ear. As wild as this sounds, there are a number of natural remedies to this form of tinnitus.

The easiest thing you can do is to limit your intake of salts. Salts reduce your blood flow, which can cause tinnitus. In addition you can increase blood circulation by exercising more frequently. This both increases circulation and also regulates it, decreasing the chances of future tinnitus. If you smoke, then you can reduce or get rid of your tinnitus by stopping smoking. Finally, many people are turning to the natural remedies of Ginkgo to increase circulation of blood in their head.

2. Reducing Noise Exposure

The most common sense natural remedy for getting rid of your tinnitus is to reduce your exposure to loud noise. Try keeping your exposure below 70 decibels throughout the day. So, turn down your alarm clock, do not let anyone blow a whistle near your head, and do not attend a crowded bar. Any noise around this level of loudness should also be avoided.

For some, simply removing themselves from loud noises makes the tinnitus go away quickly. For others, this condition is at a point where loud noises make it worse, but the absence of loud noise does not make it better. A common natural remedy involves plugging up the ears to bring the noise of everything around you down. By reducing all noises below 50 to 60 decibels, your ears have a chance to recover when in their overly stressed state.

3. Avoiding Stimulants

The last set of home remedies involves reducing your intake of stimulants. Caffeine you consume from coffee, teas, sodas, and energy drinks cause the body to tense which can in turn make your tinnitus get worse. This tenseness is one reason why those who suffer from anxiety, stress, or depression report tinnitus. By limiting your caffeine and through meditation, yoga, and relaxation, you can help your body recover from tinnitus.

We hope some of this advice has been helpful to you, and we strongly urge you to try some of these. They have been proven to be effective in getting rid of tinnitus, and are all natural ways and don’t require you to use any medication or supplements. Best part is that these tips will not only help with tinnitus but can also help make your whole body more healthy which should definitely be a top priority for everyone.

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