How To Prevent Identity Theft Online

Written on:January 20, 2013
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Identity theft is not only committed online but is also stolen in the real world out of trash bins. Yes, the trash bins are a big source of stealing identity. This is because the thieves are aware that many people do not take care when cleaning up their drawers and they throw away all the past bills and statements without thinking twice. This is the traditional way of stealing identity and so we should always shred all the bills and statements properly into pieces so that no personal information is clearly visible. This is the primary step to prevent identity theft. We already posted a more detailed list of ways you can get your identity stolen so check that post for more information.

Prevent online identity theftThe easiest way to steal identity, however, is through the internet. The fact you should be aware about is that there are lots of thieves out there whose prime goal is to gain access to any personal information that comes into their hands to carry out fraud and get financial benefits on someone else’s account. Hence, to prevent identity theft online, extra care should be taken that no personal information is given out in chat or in email as they can be easily intercepted. Next, when you download any software, see that it is from a reliable source as it is an easy way to steal identity through downloads. Another important way is to change your inbox setting so you receive only the emails from your contacts and all the other email is delivered directly in your junk mail. However, you should check your junk mail occasionally to ensure that no important email is delivered there.

Often junk emails ask you for personal information by presenting as a financial institution. This is a common way of stealing identity and you should never be fooled from it and always stays on the guard against these types of emails. Furthermore, when you shop on the internet or apply for loans online, take heed of the companies which will not keep your personal information safe and increase your susceptibility to identity theft. There are many online loan companies who are not even licensed for giving out loans and so there is no assurance that they keep the information safe and private. When you provide them the information, it is just like giving the information to someone you does not know in person. Hence, it is always better to have these kind of transactions in person and not online when you have to give out all kind of sensitive information about yourself.

Another important thing is to always have security software and keep it updated even if it costs you money and time as it very vital in preventing identity theft online. When you have updated security software, then the software will alert you if any identity thief tries to gain access to your information and it will block that access. Moreover, you should always keep your internet disconnected when not in use as a connected internet is vulnerable to identity theft.

These important steps will help you make your journey in the virtual world safe without causing any unpleasant problems.

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