Eco-Shower With a Natural Filter

Written on:October 8, 2009
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Several scientists and designers came up with the idea of making a eco-friendly shower which purifies the water using natural filters. After washing in such a shower, the water passes through a series of filters as well as plants such as reeds and rushes. These plants are able to remove the chemicals from your shampoo. It’s a natural purification process and it can happen in your bathroom as well.

Eco shower

The end result is pleasing to the eye, unusual, innovative and most of all environment friendly.

We thought that by conceiving this very intricate relation between the recycling of water and the user experience, we could get the users to also re-think the way they use water‘, said Yasumoto, one of the designers of this innovative new shower.

No prototype has been made yet, but many are already intrigued by this concept and with a little luck we’ll start using these soon.

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