Cutting Tests With Cold Steel Warrior Katana

Written on:April 16, 2013
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Cold Steel Warrior Katana

Cold Steel Warrior Katana

One of the best samurai swords on the market is no doubt Cold Steel’s Warrior katana series. Cold Steel has been in the sword making business for quite a number of years and their products are always of impressive quality. If you decide to purchase a Warrior katana you can expect the highest quality sword which can endure thousands of cuts.

Cold Steel is known for not being shy when it comes to advertising their great products, and this Warrior katana cutting test video will prove just how good the blade is. You can watch it below and see how the Warrior katana fares after hundreds of cuts on barrels, ropes, water bottles, bamboo, tatami, and even pigs! This video review also demonstrates the amazing flexibility of the steel which preserves its shape and doesn’t break even after being bent to a 45° angle. Be sure to watch the full Cold Steel Warrior katana review and test below:

While this clearly was not the most unbiased review of a samurai katana, this Warrior katana test clearly demonstrates how perfectly sharp and extremely durable it is. It’s been tested numerous times by independent martial arts practitioners as well and they all agree this is one of the best (if not the best) katana you can get for the price.

The price of Cold Steel Warrior katana sword is typically about $350-$400, and while it may not be within everyone’s price range and budget I assure you it’s well worth the price. Considering the quality of this famed samurai weapon the price is very reasonable and affordable, so if you’re looking to purchase a high-end sharpened and battle-ready katana that can withstand any kind of cutting Cold Steel’s Warrior sword is likely the best choice.

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